Self-publishing vs. Kindle Scout

Self-publishing vs. Kindle Scout

Today is a fairly momentous day for me. I got my 3rd round of editing back from my content editor and finished it this afternoon. Since then, I’ve been formatting the book using the Kindle Templates, testing it on the Kindle Previewer, and getting all the data into KDP. Yet… I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m trying to decide if I want to do it on my own or see if I can qualify for a publishing deal through Kindle Press.

70% royalties and full flexibility to manipulate pricing as I write more books in the series. As a new author who believes pretty strongly in my own work, I’m hesitant to give away 20% of the royalties now and in the future. If my book actually became successful, that could be a lot of money. That’s the problem, most books aren’t successful and marketing is a big deal. 20% of nothing is still nothing. 

I generally understand how to market a book and I am willing to pony up some cash to pay for some paid marketing, however, I don’t like marketing and it would take away from doing the actual writing. 

Kindle Scout
Marketing help and a $1500 royalty advance. At $2.99, you would have to sell over 700 copies of a book to earn out. If you had the advance and dumped it all back into marketing you might be able to quickly get some traction. Add on Kindle Press’s various marketing assistance and it could provide a pretty strong initial boost. That boost seems particularly appealing to a new author.

My biggest enemy is most likely impatience. I want everything to happen now. I want to publish and be successful now. I want to finish book two ASAP. In the end, I’m still trying to decide if it’s a better bet to publish now and slowly gain traction myself or try to jump start it with Kindle Press.

So, because I had thought Kindle Scout was a good idea in the past, I bit the bullet and submitted. Here goes nothing! 🙂